Staff Picks Help You Find Your New Favorites!

Personal recommendations are the most trusted source of product information, so we're bringing back Staff Picks so you can take advantage of the expertise of our workers! Our staff sample new items as they come into the Co-op and so are great guides to what is new and exciting on our shelves, such as:

Yaya’s Herb & Garden Vegetable Popcorn: "Perfectly savory, not overly salty and non-GMO verified. I could eat it every day!" – Luisa, Store Support Manager



Modern Table Mac & Cheese: "Checks all my boxes. Vegan? Check! Gluten free? Check! Delicious? That's a big CHECK! Inexpensive? You know it, friend! Ideal for a quick meal under a budget!" – Sasha, Multi-Department Clerk


Fausse Piste 'Pizza Sauce': "A blend of Malbec, Syrah, Grenache, and Pinot Noir. It is big and sharp, yet still approachable. It would pair beautifully with pizza, but also be great with a cheese plate!" – Stefan, Grocery Buyer



Q Mixers Spectacular Tonic Water: "Good enough to drink on its own, but also great in drinks!  Try it with a wedge of citrus and vermouth!  The single-serve cans mean you don't lose any fizz."  – Josh, Center Store Manager



Pure Eire Yogurt: "This is a super creamy, indulgent yogurt, similar to Ellenos.  Besides being super tasty, it’s local, organic, grass-fed and Pure Eire Dairy is Certified Animal Welfare Approved." – Hannah, Perishables Buyer


Blue Monkey Sparkling Watermelon Juice: "Tastes out of this world! Simple and pure ingredients, no added sugar. It is one of my favorite drinks. So sparkly delicious, refreshing and bright." – Hanna, Multi-Department Clerk



Coconut Collaborative Plant Based Yogurts: "The best non-dairy yogurt I have ever tasted. Thick and very creamy, low in sugar, and delightful to eat! And they donate coconut seedlings to their farmers in SE Asia!" – Meg, Sustainable Product Advocate



Real Food From the Ground Up? Cauliflower Stalks: "Delicious, satisfying crunch. You can use it like a straw (well, not exactly, but it's fun to breathe through it, anyway). What a great use for cauliflower!"  – Bill, Cashier



Quinta do Infantado White Seco Port: "Nicely balances the nutty, complex flavors that one would expect from port with a clean freshness.  I like to sip this straight, but it's also lovely when used to top off a glass of sparkling wine (add a twist of lemon!)"  – Josh, Center Store Manager



Look for the Staff Picks tags throughout our Seattle store (and coming soon to our Tacoma store) and taste what the excitement is about!

Date: Wednesday March 04, 2020

Category: In The Co-op

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