Supporting Our Community

Through donations, partnerships and the way we do business, Central Co-op takes action to help make our cities and our regional food system vibrant, sustainable, and equitable. When our communities thrive, our Co-op and our owners thrive!

Through our focus on sourcing food from Washington producers and providing good wages and benefits to our workers, we contribute to a strong local economy. Through donations and our Central Community Partners program, we strategically support organizations that share our values. And by facilitating donations from our shoppers through our Round-Up program, we improve food access to our neighbors most in need.

South Sound community groups can use the Community Room in our Tacoma store for their public meetings. Click here for guidelines and reservations.

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In 2017, Central Co-op shared the results of our first Impact Study, which gave hard numbers to the positive effect the co-op has on our state. In 2018, we asked Civic Economics to update this study in order to show the ripple effect that the Co-op's progressive compensation package and support for local producers have on our economy. The result: The report found Central Co-op’s economic activity generates an additional $8 million in Washington’s local economy compared to a conventional grocery chain store!

More numbers:

  • Central Co-op returns 48% of its revenue to Washington State through direct economic activity alone (compare to 26% at a chain grocery)
  • Including direct, indirect, and induced economic activity, Central Co-op returned 74 percent of its revenue to the State of Washington in 2017 (compare to 42% at a chain grocer)
  • Central Co-op’s economic activity supports 82 additional jobs in Washington State compared to an average chain grocer
  • With an average wage of $21.68/hour, Central Co-op’s wages are a full 27 percent higher than the statewide average for grocery stores.

This study shows that we are putting our cooperative principles into action for tangible results that go beyond the walls of our Co-op. These results demonstrate the power of community ownership and democratic governance as we put the values of our community to work in our Co-op! Congratulations and thank you to all our members!

Read the 2018 impact report



In 2017, Central Co-op hired Civic Economics to conduct a Local Impact Study to help us quantify exactly how our activities make a difference in our neighborhoods and state. Their study revealed:

  • 52 cents of every dollar that is spent at Central Co-op stay within the State of Washington, compared to 23 cents at conventional grocery chains and 36 cents at standard co-ops (2012 national averages)
  • 20% of the money you and your neighbors spend at Central Co-op is on products made in Washington– compared to only 4% at most grocery chains
  • Our Co-op pays double the percentage of revenue on wages and benefits compared to average U.S. grocery chains
  • In 2016, 87% of Central Co-op employees were eligible for benefits, compared to 56% at an average conventional chain

The two major ways that the Co-op achieves this is by hiring full time employees on living wage principles and by going out of its way to ensure Washington producers and suppliers are used whenever possible. This recirculation allows money to churn through the region, creating revenues used to build and support the roads, schools, bridges, and libraries that make this the vibrant community that it is today.

Read the 2016 impact report


Here's a summary of our impact in 2017:








Do you know of a fantastic local organization that is doing great work and promoting cooperative community?  Tell us about them!

Each year, Central Co-op chooses several Central Community Partners, and through financial contributions and outreach, we work together to sustain, nourish, and empower healthy communities in and around Seattle and Tacoma.  If you know of or are part of an organization that shares our values of impacting the community in the following ways, nominate or encourage them to apply to be one of our Central Community Partners.

  • Serve Seattle and/or Tacoma's communities.
  • Provide access to healthy food.
  • Empower marginalized community members.
  • Promote food sovereignty, food security and food justice.
  • Promote access to land for holistic urban agriculture.
  • Operate sustainably and promote ecological sustainability.
  • Promote environmental justice, public health, and affordable housing.

Preference is given to neighbors, co-ops, and nonprofits.

If selected, Central Co-op provides up to $3,000 toward Partner programs and events, and we actively promote our Partners to our owners. Partners may use the Co-op community bulletin board to promote events and may provide materials and do outreach tabling at Co-op events. Partners receive preferential access to the Rochdale Room, the Co-op’s meeting and community space, for meetings and events.

Partnership is a two-way relationship! Partners connect to the Co-op online, share key Co-op information with their networks and provide opportunity for Central Co-op to do outreach at Partner events when appropriate.

We are currently accepting applications to become a 2021 Community Partner. The deadline for submission is December 15, 2020. Please email community -at- should you have any questions or to submit your application.


Our 2021 Community Partners

Good Rain Farm:  xast sq'it, (hast squeit) or Good Rain Farm, is a small, Pacific Northwest farm of mostly Indigenous women farmers. Good Rain Farm shares Central Co-op's values of sustainability, care for the environment and providing healthy, traditional foods. With a mission built upon the ideals of stewarding land responsibly, decolonizing diets, and connecting with ancestry and a deep connection to place, the farmers at Good Rain are passionate about cooperative business models and building a just and healthy future as the next generation of farmers. We believe that farms like Good Rain are that future, and are proud to support them!



Tahoma Indian Center: Any time that we can help with direct food assistance, we know that we are helping our community in a tangible way. The Tahoma Indian Center provides hot meals to our Indigenous community members experiencing homelessness and food insecurity as well as referrals to services and providing a space for cultural ceremonies. Central Co-op was specifically drawn to this organization because of its purpose to support and sustain the dignity and culture of Urban Native Americans in Pierce County. We are grateful for their good work! By the way, if you would like to help to further their reach, Tahoma Indian Center is looking for volunteers! 




Friends of the Children - Tacoma: One of the best investments that we, as the Central Co-op community, can make is our providing resources for our youth. Our Tacoma neighbors, Friends of the Children, helps to nourish children (many of whom have faced much adversity) through long-term mentorship. Partnering with area organizations serving families impacted by foster care and the Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families, Friends of the Children Tacoma works with both youth and their caregivers to support stability and success. We couldn't be happier to invest in our community's future through this partnership!



Round Up for Neighborhood Food Banksround up

Central Co-op allows our shoppers to round up their grocery bill to the nearest dollar or more to raise money for local food banks. This money is placed on Central Co-op gift cards for the food banks to purchase whatever is most useful for their programs.                

Tell your cashier you'd like to "Round Up" and your change will automatically be donated to these local food banks:

In 2018, our shoppers donated $42,546! In addition to our food bank partners, we also did a special Pride Month "Round Up for Love" campaign benefiting Gay City and Tacoma Rainbow Center). We're so proud to have such generous people as our shoppers. Let's keep Rounding Up for our neighbors and community! Members who are interested in finding out how much they donated during the year can email us.

Thanks to our community from Byrd Barr Place 
"Thanks to Central Co-op, we are able to provide our food bank clients with fresh, healthy produce that they may not otherwise be able to include in their diets.  The staff is always great in helping to select and order produce that will optimize value and nutrition. Byrd Barr Place is proud to have Central Co-op as a partner in fighting hunger." 

Thanks to our community from JFS Food Bank:
The Central Co-op is more than just a good neighbor to JFS.   The ROUND UP program is a very effective and supportive way to help in a direct way.  It provides JFS funds to purchase high quality bulk products for our Food Bank Program.  The support from the front end team shows their commitment to community in a very direct way.  We also appreciate the valuable “floor space” for our JFS bin at the front of the store.  Your support of our programming contributes to both the health and well –being of our clients and also the health and well-being of our community.  Thank you Central Co-op! 


Donation Criteria

We build relationships with organizations that promote cooperative community in these ways:

  • Serve Seattle and Tacoma's communities.
  • Provide access to healthy food.
  • Promote food sovereignty, food security and food justice.
  • Promote access to land for holistic urban agriculture and the local food economy.
  • Promote ecological sustainability.

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Central Co-op Principle 7 is Concern for Community, and we have two programs to help make our products affordable to more of our neighbors.

Healthy Community Program

Living on a restricted income? When you sign up for the Healthy Community Program you receive a 10% discount when you shop! HCP is open to everyone, both owners and non-owners alike.

HCP is an annual program, so even if you participated one year, you’ll need to sign up again and get a new card the following year.

Stop by Central Services to sign up or learn more or email us for more information.



Co-op Basics

Looking for amazing prices on everyday products? Look for products marked with a purple Co+op Basics tag!

We've got staple foods, bulk goods, dairy, and other popular items at prices you'll love. Prices are good for all shoppers. Click here for a sampling of products and prices.


Room Use Guidelines

Groups/Individuals may request use of Community Room through the Community Outreach Administrator.

Special preference will be given to our current Community Partners and local non-profits with similar values and goals.

The Community Outreach Administrator will review all requests.  Room use will be granted on a case by case basis.

Events must take place between 9am and 8pm. Please allow time for set up and clean up in your request.

If you cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible so we might be able to open the room for other organizations.

Aside from the tables, chairs, and digital monitor already available in the space, you will need to supply any furniture and/or equipment needed for your event.  This includes plates, cups, napkins, and utensils (unless you are ordering food from the Co-op deli).

Please do not publicize your event until you have received confirmation from Central Co-op.

Outside food and beverage are NOT allowed.  Please feel free to purchase refreshments from the Co-op. 

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Events must be free to attend.

Unless Central Co-op is a confirmed co-sponsor, do not list the Co-op as a sponsor of the event. Please include this statement on all promotional materials: “This event is not sponsored by Central Co-op.”

Please help keep the Community Room clean

  • place garbage/recycle/compost in the appropriate bins at the end of your event
  • Move tables and chairs back how you found them
  • If anything needs to be affixed to the walls, please attach them with painters’ tape
  • You may not light candles or use helium filled balloons

When room is in use, please change room occupancy sign to “in use”, and flip it back to “open”, at the completion of your event.

If appropriate, Central Co-op reserves the right to share your event on social media.

Central Co-op does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, age, or physical limitation.  The use of any of the Central Co-op facilities by any group or organization must adhere to these ideals as well.

Reservation Form

Please use the form below to request use of our facilities for your Event. Please note your reservation is not finalized until you receive a confirmation message from us.

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