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One of Brian's favorite things about cheese pairing and sharing is that "there is so much room for creativity and no rules that can't be bent a little." Fondue is one of Brian's favorite meals because, with all the prep work done ahead of time, it's easy to show off that creativity while making quick work of the cooking.

Even better, the shared experience of cooking and eating around the fondue pot makes for a memorable dinner with friends or family.


Elderflower Twist

A traditional fondue with a twist is one with Comté, Emmentaler, and Elderflower Tomme with sauvignon blanc. This recipe pairs well with all the standard fondue dippers, but the elderflower brings a particularly fruity and floral character that is wonderful with the meats and breads.

Belgium Blues

Do you like blue cheese on your baked potato? Try a fondue with blue cheese, Gruyère, and cheddar with Belgian ale! Spoon it onto cooked potato or dip your cherry tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables, ham, beef, and breads. This recipe is especially good on apples, pears, and almost any other fruit that's stiff enough for dipping.


Fondue is basically cheese that has been cubed and coated in a starch. (Brian shakes his cheese in a bowl with GMO-free corn starch.) Then the cheese is heated and stirred with a dry white wine until a smooth sauce is created. "A little butter never hurts," said Brian, "and the wine can be replaced with beer, cider, or a non-alcoholic version of those." 


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